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Paddington is a charming and character-filled suburb located just a stone’s throw from Brisbane’s city center. Known for its leafy streets adorned with quaint Queenslanders and historical architecture, Paddington exudes a unique blend of old-world charm and contemporary vibrancy. Stroll down Latrobe Terrace to explore an array of boutique shops, cozy cafes, and vibrant art galleries. The suburb is also home to the iconic Suncorp Stadium, where thrilling sports events and concerts take place year-round. With its thriving community spirit and a lively atmosphere, Paddington offers a delightful escape for both residents and visitors seeking a blend of culture, heritage, and urban living in the heart of Queensland’s capital.


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Facilities and Amenities

Paddington, Queensland, is a vibrant suburb known for its thriving food scene, boutique shopping, green spaces, reputable schools, convenient public transport, healthcare facilities, community services, cultural attractions, sports and recreation options, and a strong focus on safety. These amenities make Paddington a highly desirable place to live and visit in Queensland.

Transport and Access

Paddington, Queensland, offers a diverse transportation network, including public buses, well-connected road networks, cycling paths, and walkability. Ride-hailing services and taxis are readily available, and residents often own cars, benefiting from ample parking. Its proximity to Brisbane's central business district and the airport adds to its accessibility, ensuring convenient mobility for both residents and visitors.

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Paddington, a residential suburb, is three km west of central Brisbane. It was named after a farm which was named after the borough of Paddington, England.

It was located immediately beyond Brisbane town’s earliest suburban subdivisions in Petrie Terrace. Between 1975-2010 Petrie Terrace ceased to be a separate suburb and was a locality in central Brisbane, before again being deemed a suburb in 2010. Rosalie, also once a separate suburb, has been a locality in Paddington since 1975. Each is described in a separate entry.

Paddington, Queensland, began with the sale of large semi-rural allotments in 1859, leading to the establishment of ‘gentlemen’s estates’ like Fernberg in 1865. The suburb saw more concentrated settlement in the 1870s, marked by the construction of churches, such as Wesleyan and Primitive Methodist churches, and the opening of the Paddington Hotel. In 1879, a horse-bus service commenced, and a post office was set up in the hotel. Urbanization increased when Paddington became part of Ithaca Shire in 1887. The introduction of an electric tram service in 1898 improved connectivity, extending to Enoggera Terrace the following year. Given and Latrobe Terraces emerged as primary activity strips, hosting various institutions and businesses. While Paddington lacked a State school, neighboring areas had several primary schools. The Marist College in Rosalie opened in 1929, and in 1910, Fernberg became the State Governor’s residence. The suburb continued to evolve, with the introduction of proletarian institutions like Marconi’s goanna oil factory and the Pavilion cinema in 1910 and 1911, respectively. The construction of tram sheds in 1915 played a vital role in Paddington’s transportation, although they were later replaced by a shopping center in 1967. The 1990s witnessed urbanization challenges, including zoning issues and high-density housing replacing traditional houses. However, Paddington’s charm and heritage continued to attract younger residents and businesses, making it a bustling suburb known for its cafes and shops.

Numerous sites in Paddington are on the Queensland heritage register, including the Ithaca war memorial, the former Plaza Cinema, the Paddington water tower, and the Rosalie kindergarten.

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