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Brisbane Market Update

As the Australian property market experiences a flat patch, the Brisbane market offers a unique opportunity for potential buyers. Despite suffering from devastating floods early in the year, the city’s property market has continued to perform strongly, with many locations experiencing 30+% house price growth in 2021. Even as growth has slowed in other parts of the country, Brisbane’s housing market has remained robust, with prices remaining significantly higher than they were just a year ago.

One of the key reasons for this resilience is the influx of internal migration from Victoria and New South Wales, as Australians seek out more affordable property in lifestyle suburbs. Additionally, the city’s unique lifestyle and economic benefits, along with its upcoming hosting of the 2032 Olympics, are expected to attract overseas migrants and provide plentiful jobs for highly paid knowledge workers.

While it may be tempting to try and time your next property purchase based on the current state of the market cycle, it may be more beneficial to take a long-term view and consider the potential benefits of buying in Brisbane now. With property prices still far higher than they were just 12 months ago, and a lag in the market’s response to price drops compared to other parts of Australia, now could be an ideal time to get a foothold in the Brisbane property market.

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