Lutwyche, Qld, 4030

Suburb Snapshot

Lutwyche is located just 5kms north of the Brisbane CBD and is mainly a residential suburb with a number of heritage listed sites as well. Lutwyche is a popular suburb to reside in for families, professionals and singles.


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Facilities and Amenities

Lutwyche has a variety of amenities including the Lutwyche Shopping Centre, various parks, the Kedron Brook Bikeway closeby and easy access to schools in neighbouring suburbs.

Transport and Access

Lutwyche provides a number of public transport options including frequent bus services along Lutwyche Road and the Northern Busway, a bus-only road. Wooloowin Train Station is also situated just a few minutes away. Holidays, business travel and weekend escapes are made easy with access to the Airport Link, a tunnelled toll road connecting to the East-West Arterial Road which leads to the Brisbane Airport.

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More About Lutwyche

Lutwyche, a residential suburb on Lutwyche Road, immediately south of Kedron Brook, is five km north of central Brisbane. It was named after Alfred Lutwyche, a judge of the Supreme Court of New South Wales who was appointed to Moreton Bay upon Queensland being granted self-government in 1859. Lutwyche settled at Kedron Lodge, Nelson Street, Kalinga, overlooking Kedron Brook and donated land on Lutwyche Road for St Andrew’s Church of England (1866).

The year after Lutwyche’s arrival the Enoggera Creek was bridged, providing a northerly road from Brisbane via Bowen Bridge Road and Lutwyche Road. The road was the start of the route to the Gympie gold field (1867), as well as carrying traffic in the opposite direction from several brickworks in Lutwyche. A post office was opened in 1874.

Lutwyche was under the Shire (later Town) of Windsor (1887), and the council’s offices, quarry and school of arts were on the main road just south of present-day Lutwyche; at the time they were considered to be in Lutwyche, which extended as far south as the Windsor State School.

A tram service ran from Brisbane to Bowen Bridge, and in 1914 it was extended up Lutwyche Road nearly to Kedron Brook. The Wooloowin primary school, just beyond the northern boundary of Lutwyche, was opened in the same year. Before the extension of the tram service Lutwyche’s population was about 700 people, and Lutwyche Road had a scattering of houses and local shops, a Methodist church (1874) near Wesley Street, and the Kedron Park Hotel near the Anglican church as the road approached Kedron Brook. By the early 1920s there were many more shops and, the Imperial Picture Palace north of Stoneleigh Street. The post office, closed in 1901, was re-opened in 1918. West of Lutwyche Road residential development was assisted by the opening of the tramline to Grange, along Maygar Street, in 1928.

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Lutwyche Posts

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