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Relocating: City to Country and Anywhere In-Between

During the global Covid-19 pandemic, working remotely from home was quickly implemented for a large number of businesses in order to survive during the crisis. Employers and also employees were able to test how this new method of work would actually ‘work’ and assess any impacts on the business and sustainability. Face-to-face meetings became a thing of the past and were replaced with Zoom meetings or similar and the commute to work was now taking just a few seconds with a short walk down the hallway to the home office. Things changed so quickly and many businesses were realising the benefits of their cloud-based software that enabled them to continue to conduct business with minimal disruptions to their stakeholders during the challenging Covid-19 times. Some employees could not wait to return to the office environment, while others were enjoying the new work/life balance and benefits.

With Covid-19 restrictions starting to ease, there is a lot of talk that employees will be negotiating more flexible working options once they return to their old way of work in the actual office and they may even negotiate some days working from home or permanent work from home options.

This flexibility gives opportunity for families and professionals to think about their lifestyle and relocate towards a more country lifestyle with less cityscape and secure more landscape and green space. Many people have had time to stop and re-assess their priorities and their lifestyle and relocating is now a plan for now, not a 10 year dream or retirement plan.

The big questions are then raised:

  1. Do you sell your city property or do you rent out your city property?
  2. Do you purchase a property in the country or do you rent a property in the country?
  3. Do you break your lease if you are renting and just relocate now rather than wait?

Listed below are some things to consider and handy tips for relocating:

  • Moving costs and downsizing or upsizing belongings
  • Property market prices, moving to a new area can be scary when you don’t know what the local market is doing. Talk to your local agent on the best places to buy and what to look out for
  • Internet and facilities may be limited so check the services you require before making the move