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Pure PM Chat: Episode 03 – Preparing your investment property for summer.

Welcome to episode 3 of our property management series here at Pure Real Estate. Today we will be discussing the importance of maintenance in the warmer months and the approach of storm season.

As summer approaches, tenants may begin to use their air conditioners more frequently, and it is not uncommon for us to receive calls regarding issues with cooling. To prevent this from happening, we recommend getting a yearly service done on air conditioners to keep them in good working order, clean and free of mould. This not only keeps the air conditioners functioning properly but also keeps tenants happy.

Another important aspect to keep in mind as we approach storm season is the maintenance of gutters. It is crucial to make sure that gutters are clean and free of debris to prevent leaks. We recommend checking gutters at least once a year or every two years at a minimum to ensure they are in good condition.

As Christmas approaches and tenants spend more time at home, we may receive more maintenance requests. We understand that this can be a busy time of year, but we strive to manage these issues as best we can to ensure that tenants are comfortable in their homes.

In conclusion, maintenance is crucial to keep properties in good working order and tenants happy. By keeping air conditioners serviced and gutters clean, we can prevent issues from arising and address any that do in a timely manner. At Pure Real Estate, we are committed to providing the best property management services to our tenants and clients.


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