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New Legislation Changes QLD

Starting from the 1st September 2023, the new Minimum Housing Standards come into effect for all new tenancies. The minimum housing standards aim to ensure all Qld rental properties are safe, secure and reasonably functional. A summary of the criteria are outlined below:


Safety and Security

The property must:

01. Be weatherproof and structurally sound.

02. Be in good repair, with fixtures and fittings that are not likely to cause injury through normal use.

03. Have functioning locks or latches on all external doors and windows that can be reached from outside the premises without a ladder.

04. Be free from vermin, damp and mould (does not apply to vermin, damp or mould caused by tenant.

05. Have privacy coverings for windows in all rooms where the tenant could reasonably expect privacy, such as bedrooms etc.

Reasonable Functionality

The property must:

01. Have adequate plumbing and drainage for the number of people occupying the premises.

02. Be connected to a water supply service or other infrastructure that supplies hot and cold water suitable for drinking.

03. Provide privacy in bathroom areas.

04. Have toilets that are all flushable and refillable, and connected to a sewer, septic tank or other waste disposal system.

05. Include the necessary fixtures for a functional laundry, such as tap fixtures and adequate plumbing, if laundry facilities are provided.

06. Have a functioning cooktop, if a kitchen is provided.


Another important thing to note is that the definition of ‘Emergency Repairs’ in s214 of the RTRA Act has also been recently amended to include works that are needed for the premises or inclusions to comply with the prescribed minimum housing standards.

You may notice an increase in reported maintenance either by the tenant or as recommended by our Property Management Team, it will be important to ensure we action these requests in line with these legislated changes.

Thank you for taking the time to read up on these new legislation changes, and please reach out if you have any questions relating to the new minimum housing standards taking into effect from 1st Sept 2023.