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When is the best time to change Agencies?

My short answer – ‘As soon as possible!’

Waiting for a tenant to vacate and then giving notice to your current Property Management Agency is probably the worst time as you want to avoid having a vacant property and most Agencies also require 30 days notice to change Agencies. It can get tricky if the property does become vacant during the 30 day notice period as your current Agency would then need to be advertising the property. A new Agency is unable to gain access to the property or advertise/conduct any open for inspections until the 30 days notice period has ended.

It is best to change to another Agency while you have a tenant in place and then your new Agency can ensure everything is in order so once the tenant does vacate, they can advertise the property with plenty of lead time to secure a quality tenant at a maximum price for you.

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– Russell Peter, Principal