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Garden, hedges & tree maintenance

General mowing & garden maintenance

It is the tenant’s responsibility to maintain the yard including regular mowing, edging and weeding.

If yard maintenance is to be covered by a contract between the Property Manager/landlord and an external company, then this should be listed in the General Tenancy Agreement.

Tree lopping & hedges

Generally the lopping of trees and shrubs would be the responsibility of the Property Manager in consultation with the landlord as this usually means specialist knowledge and equipment is required.

Fallen branches and power lines

If a tree has fallen on or near powerlines, please contact Energex immediately on ph 13 19 62.

If there are just a few smaller branches and it is safe to clear away, then this is the tenant’s responsibility to clear away as part of maintaining their property.

The Property Manager should be contacted if there are larger branches that require specialist equipment to be removed.

If there has been any damage to the property by fallen branches, please email your Property Manager and include some photo evidence if possible.

Fruit trees

If the property has fruit trees, details on collection and ownership should be included in the General Tenancy Agreement so that both the tenants and Property Manager/landlord are clear on who can pick and consume the fruit.