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What do I do if my power points are not working, but my lights are working?

If your lights are working but your power points are not working, this is generally due to the safety switch being tripped by a faulty appliance.

What is the safety switch?

Safety switches provide personal protection against electric shock by monitoring the flow of the electricity through a circuit.  The safety switch will turn off the power if a leakage of current is detected.

What you need to do if your power points are not working:

  • You will need to unplug every appliance from the power points and then reset the safety switch
  • If the safety switch trips again, double check that you have turned off and unplugged all appliances – this includes your microwave, dishwasher, fridge and pool pump if applicable
  • Try re-setting the safety switch again and if it is still tripping, please send an email to hello@purere.com.au to report the issue so we can arrange a licenced contractor
  • If your safety switch stays on, then you will need to plug each appliance back in to try and identify which one is faulty

Please Note:  If a tradesperson is called out to a property and it is discovered that a faulty appliance is the cause or tenant misuse, the tenant will be responsible for the call out fee.