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It is the tenant’s responsibility to notify the Property Manager as soon as they are aware of the presence of mould at the property.  A decision on who is responsible for cleaning the mould depends on how the mould appeared in the first place.

As a general rule, if the mould is the result of an issue with the property such as a leaking roof, then it would be the Property Manager/Owner’s responsibility to clean the mould and repair the roof or area.

If the mould was the result of poor ventilation in a bathroom and lack of cleaning, then it would be the tenant’s responsibility to clean the mould and cover the cost to repair any damage.  Tenants are to ensure they open bathroom windows and use extractor fans to prevent mould in bathrooms.  Mould is likely to occur in places like bathrooms due to the condensation from the shower and it needs to be periodically cleaned as part of a tenant’s normal bathroom cleaning process.

If there are specific factors to be aware of regarding potential mould issues at a property, then these should be detailed in the Special Terms of the Tenancy Agreement so all parties are aware of their responsibilities.

Tips on how to clean mould

Method 1:  Mould removal using bleach

Bleach is often used to kill mould and bacteria and bleach will also sanitise the affected area to prevent mould returning.  It is a powerful cleaning agent and often used for mould removal.  Bleach does have a strong odour so be cautious with its use.

Check out the blog at this link for equipment and directions for cleaning mould using bleach.

Method 2:  Mould removal using vinegar 

Vinegar is a natural and safer alternative than bleach to remove mould.  Vinegar does not have the strong fumes or odour and is a common natural cleaning agent used in homes.  It is similar to bleach by killing the mould and acts as a preventative in mould growth, however vinegar needs to be re-applied to the mould prone areas on a very regular basis.

Check out the blog at this link for equipment and directions for cleaning mould using vinegar.