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6 Tips for Finding a Pet Friendly Rental Property

Securing a rental property with a pet can be a challenging task, especially in today’s tight rental market. However, there are some strategies pet owners can implement to increase their chances of finding the perfect home for them and their furry companion.

  1. Location is key: When searching for a rental property, choose a neighborhood that offers pet-friendly amenities that align with your lifestyle. Parks with off-leash areas, dog-friendly beaches, and walking tracks are great options, as they provide ample space for your pet to play and socialize. Additionally, make sure you feel safe in the area and that it’s accessible for your pet’s needs.
  2. Consider the property and amenities: Before applying for a new property, make sure it’s suitable for your pet. Does it have a backyard or access to a balcony? Is there a lift or flight of stairs? Look for properties that specifically state “pets allowed” and check if they offer pet-friendly perks such as fenced gardens, water fountains, and clean-up supplies in common areas.
  3. Be detailed in your application: Include as much information about your pet as possible in your application. Mention your pet’s breed, age, temperament, behaviour, and provide a photo.
  4. Get a reference from your current agent: Include rental references in your application to help you stand out among the competition. Adding a previous landlord to your list of references can demonstrate your ability to take care of a property while keeping a pet.
  5. Act quickly: Pet-friendly homes tend to rent out quickly, so be prepared to act fast. Have all your paperwork ready and be early to inspections to submit your application on the same day.
  6. Be aware of your responsibilities: Be upfront and honest about your pet to avoid any issues later on. Remember to disclose your pet to the landlord or property manager.