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10 Things to do to prepare your house for sale to maximise your returns

Prepare your house for sale to maximise your returns

1. Declutter

If there is a cupboard in the house, there is a good chance the buyer will open it.  It’s now time to throw the box that your kettle came in 5 years ago that’s sitting on top of the fridge.  The more spacious you make the house, the bigger it will look and the better it will be!

2. Patch & paint

Remember when you knocked the wall or put a little hole in the wall while moving furniture, it’s now time to patch and paint it.

3. Neutral colours

The red feature wall you painted ten years ago that is now out of style – refresh the space and repaint with neutral colours.

4.  Carpets

Steam clean carpets or replace carpets to give the property a fresh new look.

5.  Unfortunately this is a big one and a bad one….Deep clean

Get into the oven, behind the TV, the cupboards, skirting boards – everything.  Make time and pick a room while you are at home and get to work.

6.  Maintenance & repairs

There is nothing worse than the little marks you made, you want to make it look like the house has been well-looked after. While these items may seem minor, it puts something in the back of buyer’s minds.

7.  Don’t forget the outside

If you have a deck, get it varnished with plenty of time for it to set in.   Trim the hedges, cutting the trees back away from the house, get any vines removed, tidying the bamboo, making the gardens look nice and neat, refresh the lawn, give it an aerate and water and re-turf if needed so it’s all looking perfect.

8. Door handles

It’s amazing what a visit to Bunnings and spending $30 on new door handles for your kitchen and bathroom will do for your place, now is the time to do it!

9.  Building & pest

There is nothing worse than attracting the dream price for your property only to find that you had termites or something that you could fix that may cost you $500 or $1000 and could be a quick easy fix but turns a buyer off because they think it’s major because of the terminology the Contractor used and it scares the buyer away.  You can also use this as part of your Sales campaign.

10.  Research the market and talk to an Agent – aka, US!

Come up with a plan, don’t just think “yes” we are going to sell and put it on the market.  Do some research, figure out when you are going to market, how you are going to market, how long you expect it to be on the market, what is the average days on the market – this is all something your Agent can help you with.  This is where we can help and it’s what we specialise in.  Use the Contact Us button or give us a call and we can start to point you in the right direction to maximise your sale price and reduce your stress.